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For £10 you can get a copy of this great resource and provide one to a participant leaving custody.


Food and How to Cook It  is packed with straightforward recipes - many of them favourites of our Life Skills Challenge participants - helpfully divided into breakfast, snacks, main meals, sides and puddings.

The In2Out recipe book:

  • Nearly 50 recipes

  • Conversion chart, meal planners and shopping lists

  • Information on health and safety, kitchen equipment, store cupboard essentials

  • Handy pocket at the back for new recipes or notes

  • A4, wire bound, 74 wipe clean pages.


For all young people discovering cooking and learning to live independently, it is a great place to start.


"I really enjoy cooking and especially cooking things that other people will like too."


Cooking makes up a significant and much-loved part of In2Out's Life Skills Challenge.


The recipe book is given to all In2Out participants when they leave prison so that they can continue to cook things they practised in custody when they're out.

To get your copy:

  • Make your payment of £10 via the donation page

  • Select 'write us a comment' and state In2Out Recipe Book

  • Provide a clear mailing address with you payment.

(Please contact us if you want to buy more than one copy, as supplies may be limited.)

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