Reducing reoffending -mentoring and resettlement

Photo by Providence Doucet on Unsplash. 

In2Out is a registered charity that aims to reduce reoffending among young people aged 15-21 through our mentoring and resettlement process.

Nationally, 65% of 15-18 year olds will reoffend within 12 months of release from custody. The In2Out mentoring process sees that reduced to consistently less than 25% for participants choosing to work with us after release.  

In2Out works out of HMYOI Wetherby in West Yorkshire and most of the young people we work with come from all over the North of England. We have helped them to resettle into society after release and move toward independent living. We have brought reconciliation into families, order into chaotic lives and a sense of hope for the future. And we have made this happen by showing them individually that someone cares.

In2Out does not try to replace the role or function of other statutory service providers or other charitable endeavours, put provides post-release support in collaboration with others - primarily with youth offending teams and probation services, along with statutory services and local authorities. We also collaborate with several other charities to ensure that we avoid duplication of work and wasted costs, and share best practice through the sector.

Our staff are motivated by their Christian faith and support those of all faiths or none. 

“HMYOI Wetherby has worked with In2Out as a voluntary sector service provider for the past five years and we consider them a trusted partner and provider for support for our young people. They have consistently achieved excellent results in the work they undertake as a mentoring organisation both within custody and in the community.”


Andrew Dickinson, Governor HMYOI Wetherby (2018)