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"Thank you for helping me start a new chapter in my life."

Photo by Jordan McDonald on Unsplash.

Participants' Quotes

"In2Out - you're more my family than anyone else I've got."

"Life is complicated. Jail isn't."

"I just want a future where I can relax - I don't want to be worried all the time. I think from doing this I realise that getting a house and a job might be possible."

"No one understands my story apart from you."

"In2Out have helped me with pretty much everything from emotionally to career-wise, thinking skills, how to cook, how to treat people... just in every way."

"There's no one to talk to inside so it's nice having someone to talk to."

"Jail is the postcode I've been at longest."

"When I talk about you, I say you are like a mum 'cos I never really had a mum. That's how I see you."

"I'll always keep in touch with you."

"I'm excited now for life 'on the out'. I definitely don't feel as worried about release as I did before."

"Thank you! It means a lot to have completed a year on the out - thanks for all your help inside and outside of prison. Onwards and upwards from now on."

"I already feel better from talking to you."

"When you are talking to me, you give me hope and determination to do well for myself."

"Thanks for the letter, it means a lot... Write back, it was nice to hear from you."

"I didn't realise I'd get this much from the support... you really do make a difference."

"At first it was just getting me out of my cell and it was someone to talk to."

"You are really amazing at what you do. If you can help me the way you have, then you will help so many young people."

"I'll still be talking to you when I'm 40!"

"I didn't really know how to get a job. There was no one really at that time to help me get a job. The people I was seeing round me who had money, were getting it through selling drugs and burgling houses and that's just what I thought was normal." 

"Look at when I was 16, when I thought I was nothing and no one... I don't feel like that now."

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