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In2Out does not try to replace the role or function of other statutory service providers or other charitable endeavours but provides post-release support in collaboration with others. This is primarily with youth offending teams and probation services along with statutory services and local authorities.

"Having worked at HMYOI Wetherby for more than 20 years, I've personally seen In2Out grow both its size and success, achieving a highly respected and recognised level of support and mentoring for young people both within custody and through their journey out into the community. 

"The In2Out team work tirelessly to solidify positive, non-judgmental relationships with young people who desperately need support in planning for their resettlement and without this, the ability to realise their full potential looks pretty bleak.

"In2Out offers a priceless additional support structure for the young person who desperately wants to return to the community and find a new path away from their previous behaviours but either don't have the skill-set or knowledge of how to do this."

Robin Dow, Head of Resettlement, HMYOI Wetherby

"I have worked at Wetherby for a lot of years and was always impressed with the level of support they [In2Out] offer our children and believed for a long time this should be increased.

We have wanted some form of pre-release programme for the Keppel Unit for a long time and were over the moon when this was arranged. The reactions that we've had from the lads has been magnificent and these have ranged from small to massive improvements to confidence around release.

We work, day-in, day-out, with the lads and sometimes forget how much pressure there is on them when they are released. This became apparent to me in a simple way with the example of an 18-year-old who could not cook or tie his shoelaces. When he finished his course, he could!"

Warren Wilman, Head of the Keppel Unit, HMYOI Wetherby,  

"The young people appear to enjoy the 1-1 time prior to release. It offers them the opportunity to develop skills for independence and a safe place to air any concerns they have for release. The through-the-gate support that they receive through the mentors is also invaluable and offers the young people an opportunity to seek alternative lifestyles upon release."

Senior Social Worker,

Keppel Unit, HMYOI Wetherby

"[The Mentor] was my first experience of working with someone from In2Out and he has been amazing. It was clear that he had a really good relationship with [the participant]. After 17 years of working with high-risk murderers and sex offenders [he] was a professional guide to me when I started working for the YOS team - he was invaluable."

Participant's probation worker