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Of the participants choosing to work with In2Out, approximately:

•    50% have been in local authority care
•    37% have mental health issues
•    77% have substance misuse issues 

Reoffending rate within 12 months of leaving custody

Our key charitable objective is to reduce reoffending by young people leaving custody. Nationally, on average 65% of 15-18 year olds reoffend within 12 months of leaving custody. The In2Out cohort of 15-18 year olds is consistently at <25% reoffending rate.

In2Out mentoring support costs £4,000 per participant, per year.


More than 70% of In2Out participants express a greater confidence in successful resettlement post-release after engagement with In2Out.

With the help and support of In2Out mentors, we are seeing a greater engagement - more than 35% - of young people in education, training and employment, or actively seeking opportunities

Number of participants supported
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Our support:
Total Interactions for 2021 = 2147
Total Interactions for 2020 = 2172
Total Interactions for 2019 = 2146
         2021                                     2020                                           2019
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