Life Skills


Life Skills Challenge is a person-centred education and enrichment programme for young people approaching release from the Keppel Unit at HMYOI Wetherby. 

Photo by hue12 photography on Unsplash.

The Life Skills Challenge aims to help young people make the transition to independent living in the community by learning skills such as cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and budgeting.


The challenges are agreed with each young person to meet their individual needs and interests, and take around an hour each to complete. Generally, they do one a week for not more than 12 weeks leading up to their release.

During 2021, we were able to extend this pre-release programme to include short trips out of prison for those who have this opportunity available to them. During the trips out, young people can complete tasks which make up part of the Life Skills Challenge such as shopping, planning a trip and using public transport. Alternative tasks are provided for those who are unable to leave the prison.


The enrichment part is like a youth club session taking place one evening a week and helps with developing social and community skills. Group work provides opportunities to explore issues like compromise and negotiation as they work together, for example making toasties for each other, which can help with developing relationships and communication.

Here's what some of the lads had to say:

"The In2Out course has been really, really helpful. I have learnt about myself and feel like I have got something to focus on. It's nice to know people believe in me."


 “Thank you to you all for helping me learn new stuff.” 

“I really enjoy cooking and especially cooking things that other people will like too.”

“Communication is something I struggle with and I don’t think people really understand me or what I’m trying to say. I hope that now I will be more patient when talking to people.”

In2Out has been delivering the Life Skills Challenge  since August 2019 with a number of volunteers helping out. The lads on the Keppel Unit have multiple, complex needs and many of them have gone on to self-refer to the In2Out mentoring process.