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Meet Rob & Bernadette

Meet Rob - who has been volunteering with In2Out for a good number of years.

Rob came onboard with us back in 2016 when, as a retired maths teacher, he did some teaching with Dylan, one of our lads who was re-sitting his GCSE. Afterwards, Rob carried on mentoring him and they are still in touch today as Dylan texts quite often and rings for a chat and support.

We know that Rob's committed support of Dylan over a long time has made a big difference in Dylan's life. It's not easy being a Mentor - Rob has travelled all over the country to keep visiting him and still finds time to talk to him now. 


When asked about his volunteering, Rob said: "There is such a need for so many of these kids' lives - it's just not fair. They need all the help they can get. They're totally vulnerable and so much of it isn't their fault. They have behaved the way they have for a reason... Life is tough and we don't know how tough it is for some people."

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Meet another long-standing In2Out volunteer, Bernadette. 

Bernadette works closely with Alice, our Resettlement Manager, and the local Food Bank to make sure that our cupboard is well stocked. The supplies are then used to make up our Leaving Custody Kits for the young people who will be living independently after release from custody.

Volunteering isn't easy as it's often sporadic and infrequent. Knowing we have people we can rely on, to ring up and ask to help stock our food cupboard or pack Christmas or Easter Gift Bags, is so valuable and really appreciated.

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