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Mentoring and Resettlement

In2Out provides ‘through-the-gate’ support, with our mentors beginning working with participants whilst they are still in custody, typically between 3 to 6 months prior to release.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.

The support offered by In2Out mentors includes:

  • Life Skills support in the community

  • First  Steps - Basic Needs and Practical Issues 

In2Out mentors collaborate with others to ensure basic needs are met on release, advocating and helping with access to care packages and statutory provision, and helping address practical issues encountered during life on the out. On release, participants receive a Leaving Custody Kit which includes basic food supplies, if required, a basic mobile phone with credit and a personal hygiene kit.

Participants also receive help with obtaining ID, opening a bank account, accessing benefits, and registering with a doctor and dentist. Mentors also support the participant to comply with Court or Prison Orders.

  • Building for the Future - Employment, Education and Training 

In2Out mentors support participants in finding employment, education or training opportunities. They help with identifying opportunities, preparing CVs and completing applications, and practising interviews. We also provide financial support with acquiring certification such as the CSCS card for construction work.

  • Relationships - Developing social skills and working on relationships

In2Out mentors can also help participants identify and engage in new social opportunities such as volunteering, joining a gym or sports club, or a faith community. They can also help, where appropriate, with family reconciliation and the reconnection of meaningful communication.

  • Thinking Smarter - Changing attitudes, building confidence and resilience

Together with their mentor, the participant is helped to identify and manage triggers to offending behaviour, with the aim of finding a better response to challenging situations. Alongside this, mentors support participants in developing thinking and problem-solving skills.

"Thank you! It means a lot to have completed a year on the out. Thanks for all your help inside and outside of prison. Onwards and upwards from now on."

"Life is complicated. Jail isn't."

Currently, there are 5 Mentor Coordinators, 2 are full-time and 3 are part-time, mainly covering Yorkshire and Humber, the North West, the North East and the Midlands. Supported by local volunteer mentors and befrienders, each of the Mentor Coordinators enable In2Out to support participants more effectively with local knowledge of services and providers, meaning that we can be more responsive to participants’ needs, as well as reducing travel times and costs. 

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