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Cinema and Cycling

An In2Out Mentor provides one of his lads with a new experience and helps revive an old, familiar one.


Max wasn't sure how he felt about the cinema. To be honest, he hadn't really been much before and wasn't sure if he liked movies. His In2Out Mentor suggested they go along to see the new James Bond movie - so here they were. During the trailers Max was constantly checking his phone as he was waiting to hear about a job - but then the movie started. He was just getting into the action when the opening titles came on. "Is that it?' he asked his Mentor. "Er, no, that's just the intro." Max delivered his final verdict on the experience: "It was better that I thought it would have been."

There was good news on the job front as Max landed a job as a car park warden at a public events venue. As far as Max is concerned the only problem with the job is the public! Someone parked where they weren't supposed to, and Max asked them to move along. They refused and ignored him. "I know how the prison officers must feel now," he said. He went to his supervisor who sorted it out. Max enjoys his job as it gives him a sense of self-worth and purpose.

Another thing Max enjoys is cycling. He didn't have a bike, so his Mentor approached Resurrection Bikes - a charity in Harrogate who are great supporters of In2Out - and they were able to provide him with a mountain bike. His Mentor took the bike to Max, and together they went on a tour of the city, with Max pointing out where he was working. Then they headed out on an off-road area and enjoyed a three-hour ride together. Max really appreciates the bike and uses it to get to work, and to visit his friends and family. It gives him independence and keeps him fit and healthy.

These things all add up to give Max a fuller life. His job gives him a sense of self-worth, his bike gives him a greater sense of freedom. The work of In2Out is more than just helping lads not to reoffend, it's about enabling them to pursue a future with purpose, hope and connection.

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