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Future Dreams

Ollie's a nice lad, doing well at school and comes from, what looks like, a stable background and supportive family. So, at the age of 15, what's he doing in custody?


"I got in with the wrong crowd... [I] went down the wrong path."

He clearly regrets his offences, which led to a custodial sentence, and referred to In2Out for mentoring support whilst he was still on remand. He' s worried about what might happen when he gets out, expecting trouble, and so his Mentor has been working with him on how he might be able to avoid any confrontation. After being assaulted in custody, Ollie chose not to retaliate to prevent trouble escalating.

Like most people, he loves to receive praise and encouragement - "I like it when you tell me I'm a good person, 'cos others don't." - but feels hurt if there is criticism or correction. As his Mentor has worked with him, Ollie is more open to be challenged and realises that it comes from a place of concern. He speaks of how much he has 'grown up' and is thinking much more about what he wants rather than what other people think.

Open to talk freely about anything and everything, asking questions and sharing whatever is on his mind, Ollie is focused on the positive aspects of release and want to get a job or go to college. He would like to have his own business one day, and dreams of a loving relationship and having children of his own. His Mentor is looking forward to Ollie's release too, so they can carry on working together in the community and see him move into a much more positive future.

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