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Jasper's Story

From a very young age, Jasper has been exploited by gangs. Having served a custodial sentence he is back 'on the out', but living in a socially deprived area with few opportunities open to him means he is at real risk of being drawn back into crime. Jasper has exceptional communication skills and is very capable, and with a positive support network, including an employment coach he has applied for both apprenticeships and employment openings.

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Having been invited to interview for an apprenticeship, he asked his In2Out Mentor to take him along. He was very nervous and asked his Mentor what sort of questions he might be asked as he'd never been to an interview before. He'd allowed plenty of time to get there, which was a good job as they couldn't find the entrance to where he was supposed to be. His Mentor let him use her phone to call the office and ask for instructions, which he followed.

He came out of the interview looking very pleased with himself - not least because they told him he had been the most polite and articulate candidate. During the journey home, Jasper told his Mentor that they had spoken about money. Jasper had been impressed by how much wealth the boss had made and had been inspired to be making that kind of money, legitimately, for himself one day.

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A few days later the company called to tell him that he'd been successful and invited him for a trial shift to see if he liked it.

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