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Mike's Rap

In a few words
I want you to listen

In life you need
to make a decision
Pick the wrong one
you'll end up in prison

From a young age
I started making a wage
That's road money
You don't need a vocation
if you're on probation
I thought making money 
was my profession
I was hurting people
That's me just
showing my aggression
Don't focus on my past
just look at my progression
Sitting at the table
Not everyone gets a seat
Some people don't even
Get a chance to eat
All my life
I wanted to make a salary
My head f***s with my sanity
I just want to scream
imagine a life with no scars
That's a dream
When I feel down
I have to self-harm
Why? Cos it makes me feel calm
Been around
different care homes
but still
feel alone
wish I could thrive
and not hurt peope with knives
just wish I could live a new life.

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