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Support in COVID-19 isolation

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

As we have entered a second lockdown in England, In2Out mentors continue to support lads release from custody as they navigate the challenging world of items, restrictions and lockdowns. Here are just a few insights as to the help we are able to offer.

Cameron moved in with a family member after his release from custody but during the first lockdown the family member had to shield as they were vulnerable to infection. Cameron has now become so anxious about bringing COVID-19 home and putting his family at risk, he rarely leaves the house apart from to get groceries. This level of isolation has had an impact on Cameron's mental health causing the family to raise the issue with his In2Out mentor. Now when his mentor visits him, he makes sure they go out and encourages him about taking the necessary precautions when he is out.

Pete turned up to his probation appointments without a face mask, displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Having told him to get tested and to self-isolate, his probation worker contacted Pete's In2Out mentor for help in re-enforcing the message. The In2Out mentor was able to help him find a testing centre, book an appointment and arranged transport to get there.

Theo was self-isolating and found himself without any food. Unsure of what to do and with nowhere else to turn, he was able to contact his In2Out mentor who arranged for a food parcel and a warm meal to be delivered to him.

We are encouraging all our lads to follow the government advice and guidelines during this pandemic and, as well as our ongoing support, are supplying face masks and hand sanitiser in our Leaving Custody Kits.

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