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Adam's Story

"When I was young my mum was a single parent, so she raised us up herself. We always had everything tho' - always had food on the plate, went to school, had our clothes. So, home life was alright. Then up until the age of like 14, 15, that's when I started going down the wrong path.

"I've always been money motivated. Once I hit the age of like 15, I started doing the wrong things for money. It wasn't really a crime like to get money to pay for drugs or anything; it was a crime so I can go buy the latest Nike jacket.

"I remember I was 16, and the police come and took me. I went to prison.

There's a lot of trauma in prison - do you know what I mean? Like going to prison, it sticks with you, it stays in your mind.

"I was in prison and I remember speaking to my mum on the phone. I was like, 'Look, just let me come back home. I'm not going to mess about, I'm not going to do anything bad again.' And I genuinely had that mindset that I thought I'm not going to do anything wrong again.

"When you're in there, you do want to change your life but as soon as you get out, that's when the temptations start. You're around people again, you're on the same estate, you're around drugs and people partying and people making money. You can easily fall back into it again, and that's what happened with me. I fell back into it, but I still had the help from In2Out there.

"In2Out's there. You can call them and be like, 'I need help. I want to get on to an apprenticeship, I want to get a job, I want to learn how to do my driving.' It makes you feel good. And these Mentors that are helping you, they're doing it out of genuine love and care for you. They're not doing it out of 'we're getting paid so we've got to help so and so.' They will go out of their way for you. It's a good support network. Even if you want someone to talk to or someone to take you on a walk, go see the countryside and clear your mind. Whatever it is, In2Out is there, just a phone call away."

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